Brody Hall Photography Pricing

Often people are worried about price – they want to fit everything into their budget and don’t want to have to pick a lower quality vendor. I’ve tried to eliminate those issues and make it affordable with predictable pricing so you can get the service you want!

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Shooting Time

When I arrive on location or you come to the studio and are ready to shoot, this constitutes shooting time. Shooting time starts at $75 per hour for something simple in studio and goes up from there, depending on location, lighting set-up, number of projects, products, or people…

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Edit Time

Generally, edit time is included in my shooting time price. Sometimes there is an additional fee if I have to do additional edits beyond the norm.

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Travel Time

Pricing for travel is $50 per hour of driving time, depending on the season, road conditions, location, etc. For destination wedding and corporate travel, please contact me.

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What You Get

You get 28 years of broad based photography experience, some of the best equipment made, and GREAT photos. You also get all usable photos in a digital format with no water-mark, and a release so that you can reproduce the images as you see fit! Certain exceptions may apply…

Ready to get started?

Get Custom Pricing for Your Needs

Reach out to me for a custom quote for your photography needs.  I do my best to get back to you within hours not days and always want to give you the option to meet with me to discuss options and get comfortable.  I look forward to working with you.