Remember the Best Moments through Photos

Family Reunions, Birthday and Anniversaries are always such an amazing time! Families have a great chemistry – playing and joking with each other that always comes off so wonderful in pictures.

I always get psyched shooting an anniversary or birthday party, I know they will be fun! All of our gear is portable so we can bring whatever we need lights, backdrops, etc. And the bigger the family, the better…

But it doesn’t have to be a big family reunion, I do family portraitures all the time. I have some beautiful outdoor locations as well as being able to shoot indoors.

Posing up groups takes some work, but when it’s done right – it’s fantastic! On the smaller side of the scale, we LOVE to photograph infants, toddlers, and kids. Another popular photography shoot is a yearly birthday shoot – not at the party (though we love to do those too!), but a portrait sitting every year on the same day. Sometimes in the same outfit, or variations on a theme…sports, music, etc.

I have some GREAT props for that for the studio or we can head outside and get messy. I get to have lots of fun and be very creative.

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