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Brody Hall Photography


He was wonderful!!! Fun to work with and did great pictures. He made the pictures fun which made us more relaxed.

Lori L.


Lori L.

He was wonderful!!! Fun to work with and did great pictures. He made the pictures fun which made us more relaxed.

HI!  Yep, I’m Brody!

Works out nicely, since that is the name of the company.

So, yeah, I have been in the business for over 25 years, but what really matters isn’t my photography knowledge, but my personal touch, and how much fun I have when I work with you and catch your event just the way YOU want.

Now, I could give you a list of the royalty, politicians, celebrities, or the number of weddings and events I have shot, I can tell you about being a Destination Wedding photographer or Nashville Wedding photographer, but well… that sounds boring.

Let’s just say, I have been shooting professionally for more than 25 years (that means I get paid to do it – woohoo) and it is my Passion. I LOVE taking pictures. It’s a blast and I never get bored! And did I mention it’s a great workout (I own a really heavy camera).

It has taken me all over the world, well, at least to a few different islands, countries, and states; flights, cruises, and cross-country drives. But I gotta say, I love coming back home to Nashville and sleeping in my own bed.  That is the whole destination photography I mentioned earlier…



What Area of Photography Do You Need?

Wedding Photography


This is what I do and hopefully why you’re here. You can just call me a Nashville Wedding Photographer – woohoo!  I love it here!  I want to capture all the amazing moments that happen during your celebration; people tripping, sneezing, mouth full of food, blowing bubbles with their gum, you know, the important stuff. Rest assured, your wedding is the only one I will be shooting that day and you will have my undivided attention, “Squirrel”!

Portrait Photography


Oh, how I love doing portraits! I get to pose people in all kinds of weird ways – AND THEY DO IT! (Silly people) Sometimes I even take a picture of it… It’s my best chance to be creative with lights, props, and locations. I have a great studio for this type of shoot or I can happily go outside. I have no problems telling people to get wet, dirty, whatever…hey if it’s gonna make for a good photo, I’m willing to let you do it.

Nightlife & Parties


In a Word…Fun! I am often hired to shoot themed parties, concerts, and contests at different clubs around the country. Some social clubs have me shoot weekend parties in Vegas or New York, while others have me photograph the occasional house party down the street. I discovered one of the most important things in my camera bag is ear plugs.

Corporate Photography


Corporate events are always exciting.  They can be anything from a week-long event on a cruise ship, to a ground breaking for a new sky rise, to photographing an award ceremony at company convention.  Hey, if I get to photograph it, I’m a happy camper.


Sports & Stage Photography


GO BRONCOS!!! Oh Yeah, I have covered everything from NFL and NBA games, to motorcycle races, to kids soccer tournaments, to adventure races across country.. It gives me a chance to be active, without actually having to compete. Bahahaha I have no problems standing on the side lines and waving as competitors pass by!  In addition to sports, I love dance recitals and stage performances.  The lighting is incredible and always a fun challenge.  Always fun to photograph and capture a great scene as it unfolds.


Seasonal Photograhpy

In my mind the most important part of seasonal photos, I have a family owned business. believe in value, traditional business ethics, and honesty. I respect those I work with and expect the same from them.
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Experience Counts. I want you to relax and feel

confident in your photographer!

I work hard to keep your trust and we make sure you know how the process will work and what options you have.  Best part is, my experience guides you through a smooth and fun process to design the outcome YOU want.

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